Essential details to choose the solution with the highest quality and efficiency in monitoring your pharmaceutical warehouse

There are many technological options that can integrate a system to carry out an adequate monitoring of a stock of medicines. However, not all meet the specific needs of customers or are in accordance with the requirements of the sector’s legislation. The NOVUS has the know-how to offer solutions in various industries, and it is no different when it comes to specify the best products to ensure that your stock is well controlled, following quality guidelines and a good cost-benefit ratio.

Check out some of the main features of our solution developed to monitor temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical warehouses:

RBC / ILAC calibration: All sensors in the solution can be calibrated by certified bodies (ILAC, RBC INMETRO), internationally recognized. In this way, we guarantee that the data read is valid and reliable.

Wireless sensors: the solution is compatible with wireless humidity and temperature sensors . These sensors are battery powered and therefore do not require cables and structural changes, making the solution quickly scalable and easy to install. In addition, it has a wireless communication protocol that is independent of the IT infrastructure, not interfering with the pre-existing signals in your warehouse.

Automatic data recording : we know that the human being is liable to fail, but thanks to the possibility of pre-configuring the periods for recording the measurements, they will be done automatically. This ensures that all readings will be performed in real time and will not require human intervention to happen.

Local data storage : losing stored data is one of the worst things that can happen in a system where records are as important as in the case of monitoring drug stores. The NOVUS solution offers local memory with a capacity of about 512 thousand records, ensuring much more security in cases of loss of communication with supervisory systems , cloud or PLCs . In addition, the stored information can be kept in memory for as long as necessary.

Encrypted memory: and since we are talking about guaranteeing data maintenance, it is also important to note that, with the NOVUS solution , the data is tamper-proof. Our product has encrypted memory and is compliant with demanding pharmaceutical industry legislation, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 .

Real-time notifications: our solution can trigger alarms and send e-mail notifications when things happen, bringing reliability and security even in the face of an undesirable unforeseen event. The people responsible for the system are informed immediately, enabling quick action to be taken to correct and protect the stored products.

Connectivity: there are many ways to forward stored data, such as via FTP and cloud , providing greater versatility in viewing information and adding an extra layer of security.

Free software and validable reports: the collected data can be quickly analyzed in graph or table, with calculation of MKT, maximum, minimum and average. The reports are in digital format and allow for better data management, something fundamental in audits.

Validable system: the solution provides an uninterrupted data monitoring and recording service , guaranteeing the integrity of the information with the Superview software , which is validable and complies with the most specific standards of the pharmaceutical industry, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and RDC 360 of ANVISA.

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