Free e-book: Reliable monitoring and data logging

Efficient data logging is crucial for smooth running processes. Monitoring can be automated in different ways, respecting the information needed for different activities of a company or system.

With accurate and precise data, it is possible to understand which steps of the process are offering risks that influence the final delivery to the customer. Recording reliable data is also essential for planning, reviewing, and preparing for audits.

Automated monitoring and data logging works!

In stand-alone systems, measurement and data logging routines, as well as reporting for audits, are fully automatic.

The measurement of temperature and humidity through calibrated sensors ensures the accuracy of the information from the beginning of the process, in addition to the mobility provided by the use of wireless sensors.

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NOVUS Automation specializes in data acquisition, measurement, control and recording, and offers robust solutions for storage, transportation and monitoring of consumer goods that require controlled environments. Other applications include data centers, where temperature and humidity changes can disrupt transactions and operations.

An automated data system brings greater efficiency to day-to-day business, reducing human error and enabling information to be viewed in real time in a convenient layout for management reporting.


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