How to choose a temperature controller to ensure heat treatment excellence

The best heat treatment for different products is certainly the one performed by a powerful industrial furnace. To achieve the necessary stability and ensure the effectiveness of the process, any equipment needs a good temperature controller.

With so many product options, it is not always easy to choose the best temperature controller and understand the differences between them. Therefore, we list below the main features of the best digital controllers that can be used in heat treatment furnaces.


Programmable digital temperature controller: Check out our options for different equipment


N1040: Sophisticated, small, and low-priced

  • Microprocessor-based PID controller with reduced depth, ideal for places that require a compact assembly.
  • High accuracy performance and competitive cost.
  • It has a removable electrical connection system for easy and reduced installation time.


N1030: High performance in a model that is compact and very easy to install

  • High performance PID temperature controller with a depth of only 35 mm.
  • Front panel with a modern design whose display can easily be seen even from a distance.
  • It offers reliability, accuracy, and an excellent cost-benefit.
  • It has two outputs always available and can be configured in control or alarm modes.
  • Thanks to its removable connector, you can quickly set up and install the device.


N1050: It is easy to see the information on the display and is a perfect product for harsh environments

  • It accepts up to 5 ramp and soak programs to configure a Setpoint profile
  • The LCD display has large digits for better viewing
  • It operates in PWM control mode via pulse to SSR or relay output
  • Flameproof housing in 48×48 mm (DIN 1/16) format and compact depth


N480D: A PID controller very easy to use

  • The dual display allows you to better understand the data
  • Extremely easy to configure and requires no previous experience
  • It performs a time ramp and a time soak


Size, performance, features, and price are the characteristics that distinguish one digital temperature controller from another.

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