Market trend: Follow in real time the operation of the Ramps and Soaks programs during the heat treatment process

When a product technology is already at the peak of what the market offers, the investment to differentiate from the competition should be focused on the details that can still be improved. Considering that data has become increasingly accessible in various industrial processes, why not offer greater performance control during the heat treatment process?

Industrial ovens are widely used in several market segments, i.e., demand exists and keeps growing. To stand out among a list of potential competitors requires guarantees and features that keep up with market trends.

If it is possible to track and extract data about your sleep routine, the amount of number of steps you have taken, and the rate of your heartbeat through an app and a smartwatch, why couldn’t a production manager improve performance by tracking every detail of the equipment in his production?

Market differential: real time monitoring

Since we have increasing access to data in our private lives with a few clicks, tracking heat treatment in real time is the ideal solution to optimize time, energy, and resources in an industrial process.

If exposure to uniform temperatures, including heating, recovery, and cooling Ramps and Soaks, is essential to the quality of the product, then monitoring each range and stage is another step taken to ensure an effective process. The equipment capable of including a differential like this in its offer draws attention for the high reliability it provides to the customer.

Real time monitoring with free software

NOVUS kits that give access to real time data provide the complete solution, including options with controllers and data loggers with different features, an option with free, user-friendly software for supervision and monitoring.

FieldChart supervisory software allows you to monitor, log, and report all measurements. In graphical or list format, it is easy to view information to evaluate equipment performance and reliability and to assist the customer in making decisions.

See here a video tutorial and understand how simple it is to use the software for real time monitoring:

With the complete line for data control, acquisition and monitoring, any industrial process becomes more predictable, agile, and economical in the short, medium and long term.

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