Pizza at the right point – know the story about the oven manufacturer that adopted NOVUS solutions

In 2015, some italian cities were prohibited from using the traditional wood-burning oven. The reason was an attempt to reduce air pollution. It fully affected the preparation of one of the most traditional dishes in Italy: pizza. In 2018 Brazil changed some labor laws, which oppose the use of wood ovens, aiming at employee safety at work and, as in Italy, reducing the emission of smoke and its pollutants.

Since then, the leading role of gas and electric ovens – both in Brazil and in Italy – has been emerging.

A renowned pizza oven manufacturer from Santa Catarina, Brazil, reported to NOVUS that it was having problems related to temperature control. This caused losses such as inconsistency and loss of pizza dough. The manufacturer also said that the display used in their ovens was very simple, which did not allow the customer to view the setpoint (expected temperature) for adjustment.

The manufacturer from Santa Catarina started to adopt NOVUS solutions in its products, and some characteristics were decisive in the choice of our controllers:

  • Dual display, which allows easy viewing of the setpoint and actual temperature;
  • PID control that predicts precision in the processes;
  • Highly competitive price;
  • 3 years warranty;

And which models of NOVUS controllers were chosen by the oven manufacturer?

N1030 – Less space and more performance

Measuring just 35mm deep and featuring detachable connectors, this controller offers simplified installation and is perfect for space saving. In addition, the N1030 automatically calculates the most suitable parameters for each PID control process, making it highly reliable and accurate.

The N1030 offers versions with timer, relay+pulse, relay+relay, standard or 24V power, being able to meet different types of processes.

N1040T – Best cost-benefit on the market

N1040T is an economical and efficient temperature and time controller, developed with modern technology, with automatic tuning of PID and ON-OFF parameters, fully configurable and with a low-depth anti-flame plastic box.

This is an excellent controller for processes where reliability and precision are required, as well as being cost-effective in a PID controller.

The controllers above solved the most pressing problems of the manufacturer, making its ovens print more reliable and accurate, maintaining the ideal temperature and obtaining similar and even better results than the wood oven.

Do you want to ensure that your customer makes the pizza with the crunchiest dough and the best quality? Request a quote for NOVUS controllers today or speak with one of our experts!