7 reasons to choose a modular controller

NOVUS has just launched its most daring and innovative project: A completely new modular controller in the electronics market. Modularity is one of the major highlights of the product, but, when compared to the well-known controllers, it is not its only differential.

Learn 7 reasons to choose a modular controller for your application:

1. Easy to install and remove

Besides all the technological characteristics, a modular electronic device such as N20K48 can be easily installed or removed. This feature guarantees a reduced time for the individual application of each part.
Considering operations that require the installation of several controllers throughout the process, the labor cost is lower when compared to the installation of more complex controllers.

2. Allows changing I/O modules

The flexibility of its modular capability allows you to adapt the controller whenever there is an increase in process complexity. Thus, you can use a N20K48 in machines and projects that are expected to scale.

3. The same model serves several applications, standardizing installation and configuration

If you think of a complex operation, with different application for controllers, the versatility of the modular controller is an advantage. Firstly, you can aesthetically standardize all equipment and processes, which gives a cleaner and more organized appearance to environments and machines.
Besides the aesthetics, using the same controller model in different locations speeds up the configuration process since N20K48 uses a single software program to configure and manage the device data. Thus, no recurrent training is required and there is a reduction in the situations that an operator needs to memorize.

4. Intuitive software and configuration by app

With an exclusive configuration app, N20K48 no longer requires computers in the field. Using a smartphone and the QuickTune Mobile application, operators can configure and read data via Bluetooth connection, removing the need for cables.
By using QuickTune and connecting the device to a USB port, you can configure and read data from a computer. The N20K48 software is intuitive and simple to use. No prior knowledge or extensive operator training is required.

5. Low depth housing, the smallest on the market, and extremely adaptable

The most compact controller on the market can also be modular! N20K48, the first in a line of controllers and modules under development at NOVUS, is also the controller with the smallest housing depth.
Therefore, the versatility also makes it possible to use the device in panels and equipment with restricted space.

6. The same reliability of NOVUS PID in a more flexible format

NOVUS has the algorithm with the best reputation in the controller market. And the N20K48 modular controller has the PID with the same recognized reliability, which ensures stable results.

7. Beauty

With a LCD display, the N20K48 modular controller exudes a modern, futuristic aesthetic to industrial environments and machinery. And, of course, it allows you to easily view the indicators and has the option of a bar graph.

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