Industrial machinery market has an optimistic perspective for the coming years

After a long period of uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, the return of global activities brings good expectations for several sectors of the economy. The return of industrial activities to a steady pace is boosting the demand for industrial equipment and machinery.

According to a forecast by The Business Research Company , the global industrial machinery market is expected to jump from $534 billion in 2020 to $793 billion in 2025. While the United States led the way in 2020 with 28.8% of manufacturing equipment consumption, Research and Markets forecast shows an increasing demand for industrial machinery until 2027 for China (expected to increase by 8.2%), Japan (expected to increase by 2.8%), and Canada (expected to increase by 4%).

If the demand for industrial equipment grows scattered in different regions, the production of highly technological and reliable equipment is focused on a few places. When the subject is industrial equipment of high precision and reliability, Brazil, for example, is a reference in the global south.

Brazilian Profile

According to Brazil’s National Confederation of Industries (CNI), the country exports 18 % of its machinery and equipment production. The data released by CNI in the Industry Sector Profile shows that the operating costs of the machinery manufacturing sector are increasing significantly since 2017, even without considering the effects produced by the unstable economic scenario during the pandemic.

The growth projection is not only optimistic. It reflects the recovery of the global economy after a period of review and restructuring of many industrial activities. But for the projected growth to materialize, it is necessary to understand the demand of a market used to agile and reliable equipment.

Industrial ovens and stoves stand out

In the industrial machinery and equipment sector, the production of industrial furnaces and stoves stands out for supply a diverse range of market segments. The equipment to perform heat treatment and create controlled environments have high competitiveness, but, with a few decisions, some products stand out against the competitors.

Equipment reliability is essential in processes that rely on industrial ovens and stoves. Even small variations in the process can cause losses and product failures. Besides the need to offer robust equipment, the acceptance and reputation of a brand can leverage sales, including in the international market. There are important details that impact the visibility and confidence of the consumer in an equipment. Those who are attentive to these features can show the added value of the product to interested parties.

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