How to ensure the reliability that the customer expects from an industrial oven or furnace

To face an increasingly technological and competitive market in the industrial ovens and furnaces segment, the company needs to be recognized by its users. It must earn their trust by delivering the best possible experience. In other words, providing high-performance machines that can guarantee long-term process reliability. Even the simplest oven can stand out for the quality of their performance over extended periods.

The cost of a product only becomes the main point of negotiation when the customer does not realize the value that an equipment manufacturer brings aside from the machine itself. After all, the user of a high-precision oven or furnace wants high performance and the confidence that the machinery will not have problems that can interrupt processes.

Quality lies in the details

The quality of the production process is just as important as productivity and efficiency. An unreliable oven or furnace may have a reduced price, but its short life span and possible problems damage the reputation of a brand. Quality defects also undermine the reputation of a company that uses equipment with few guarantees.

A machine that is down is a huge waste of resources in industrial processes. One of the biggest problems in industrial ovens involves sensor burnout, which causes temperature differences during the process and affects the quality of the final product.

While it is not possible to prevent a sensor from malfunctioning, as even the highest quality sensors are subject to occasional failure, there are ways to avoid any deviation from function and achieve a high-quality result.

Visibility, reputation and added value of an equipment

New technologies in high-precision devices can guarantee the good performance of a machine, oven, or industrial furnace. For example, NOVUS’ N1200 HBD controller is a great ally in preventing failures such as the burning of sensors in ovens that use burners. With the proper configuration, which is very fast to be done, the device alerts to changes in temperature and current of thermal resistances.

In simpler, less complex ovens, a controller such as the N1040 model is ideal. It delivers similar functions as the LBD. This solution is excellent because it allows you to detect immediately when there is no heating.

This device also has a safe output function, which is very useful for keeping the machine at an intermediate, safe temperature while the process is still running.

Using alerts, it is possible to follow a preventive maintenance routine, ensuring the lifespan of industrial ovens and furnaces and their high precision performance in the long term.

Corrective maintenance, performed only when a serious problem is identified, is more expensive since it can stop the process for an undetermined amount of time and subjects the user to the availability of the supplies to replace them when necessary.

The global market for manufacturers of furnaces and ovens for industrial use is focusing on delivering equipment that is easier to maintain and investing in high-tech accessories that facilitate process control and parameter setting at the customer’s facility.

Looking toward an increasingly technological future, it is possible to offer equipment and machines with accessories that are easy to use and install. In addition, it is also increasingly affordable to opt for devices that can be quickly configured by software with navigation similar to common day-to-day applications.

NOVUS has been developing electronic devices for four decades and invests in the creation of robust and highly accurate sensors, transmitters, indicators, and controllers for devices with high added value.

The complete solution for machine manufacturers still includes SSR (Solid state relays) with international certifications. Get to know our product lines.


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