Quality industrial furnaces and ovens have this essential feature

The reliability of the equipment is linked to the different processes that the machine performs and interferes in the result. For a high quality industrial oven or furnace, the accurate temperature control in each step of the process is indispensable to ensure that the work was performed as expected.

Although the oven or furnace are not extremely complex equipment, they depend on different internal micro-processes to perform as expected. When it comes to the quality of the materials and accessories in this equipment, they need to be of high quality.

The reliability that a manufacturer offers the customer is also tied to the reliability that the devices in that equipment can deliver.

PID controller warranty

For reliable performance, an oven must have a suitable, precise, and high-performance controller. It is even better if this small and powerful electronic device is quick to install, resulting in a faster assembly line, and easy to configure, making it simpler for operators with different technical capabilities.

Facility to handle and configure is a specific, but very important matter when recommending a machine. Being able to easily access, monitor and create programs becomes an important benefit for the manager and gives him greater assurance that his staff will be able to perform the necessary processes with confidence.

During negotiations, it also instills confidence when an equipment can provide warranties to interested parties. An extended warranty gives the consumer the assurance that the manufacturer offers it because they have a lot of experience and trust in the quality of their equipment.

There are different warranty periods for PID controllers, but NOVUS offers any user a 3-year warranty.

Even more benefits for quality industrial ovens and furnaces

With a PID algorithm that stands out among the competition, NOVUS is not just an electronics assembler. For 40 years, the company has been developing advanced technology and has an internationally recognized innovative approach.

Since the 1990s, NOVUS has been present in the global electronics market and supplies high-performance, durable, and reliable controllers and sensors to more than 60 countries on 5 continents. This ensures that its catalog is available to a huge range of customers in any of the more than 300 distributors.

Our products have certifications from the most demanding international organizations and prove our commitment to quality.

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