Saving money with furnaces and ovens: what you should include in the bill

The analysis of resources and inputs in equipment manufacturing should be a constant concern. Since the production of this equipment is expected to grow in the coming years, finding ways to save money during the production of furnaces and ovens would be no different.

Saving money in machinery manufacturing: where is it possible to act?

The machinery industry is working in smarter ways, as you may already know. Investing in processes and devices that are easy to implement and maintain saves money and allows manufacturers to run a more sustainable operation, even with small batches.

The investment in inputs is a large part of the manufacturing costs. Yet it is external and often volatile factors that determine the amounts spent in this part of the calculation. Costs go far beyond this. The time for each stage of assembly and completion should be part of the economic feasibility analysis.

Time is a variable that is easily controlled during the production process and is often underestimated when you make an analysis of how to economize during furnaces and ovens manufacturing. Even the fact of saving a few minutes per unit ends up producing a reduction of many hours at the end of a complete batch of equipment.

How to save money with furnaces and ovens

Considering the time variable, you need to look at each step and understand where you can save money. Can assembly be faster? When looking at the final product, it may seem difficult to make adjustments, but what if you reduce the time to install the sensors and temperature controllers?

NOVUS temperature controllers are reliable and very easy to install. Since the furnace or oven can be quickly put into use, the customer can also benefit from this time saving. The configuration of the controllers is very easy, and they can leave the factory already configured and ready to use.

The economy in the production of furnaces and ovens is also linked to the confidence that the devices will not require constant replacement. NOVUS temperature controllers, for example, have a 3-year warranty. This period is directly linked to the very low replacement rates of electronic equipment along the history of more than 40 years of the company.

Moreover, through a network of more than 300 distributors on all continents, NOVUS parts replacement process is fast and accessible anywhere. This is a differential for furnace manufacturers that export their products.

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