Calibrating measuring instruments: How to help the customer skip this step

Delivering quality and value involves several concepts. When talking about an industrial furnace or oven, you can focus on quality during manufacturing process, inputs choice, labor management, project robustness, or in the technology of instruments and accessories built into the equipment.

But if there is a rare and, at the same time, incomparable differential, it is the possibility to provide convenience. How about freeing the customer from the need to hire a calibration service for ovens after receiving the equipment?

Considering the high competition in the market for industrial and laboratory ovens, comfort is a great ally of quality. The perceived value to potential customers is tied to several factors, including not having to worry about seeking calibration of temperature and humidity controllers after receiving the equipment at their facility.

Calibrating measuring instruments is one of the specialties of NOVUS Metrology Laboratory, which meets several calibrations demands. Thus, controllers for ovens and furnaces can leave the factory with a CGCRE accreditation certificate, an INMETRO division.

INMETRO is the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology, a Brazilian regulatory agency in agreement with international organizations. The agency is a signatory to the following mutual recognition agreements: International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), Interamerican Accreditation Cooperation (IAAC) and International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

Calibration certified controller

Besides the PID algorithm, which has an outstanding reputation, and the modern design, which matches this reliable technology, NOVUS controllers are also very easy to use and install. Details of these features can be deepened in this article [link] or even in a technical analysis on this page [link].

In addition to the most visible advantages, the most demanding applications also benefit from the confidence that comes with CGCRE accredited calibration. Facilities where accuracy and precision are extremely important for continued operation seek reliability above all else. Thus, accredited calibration is essential and, in most cases, vital for compliance with standards and regulatory agency checks.

An equipment that has already fulfilled verification and performance certification steps before it even arrives at its location assures the customer that he will be able to use his machine as soon as it is delivered. This saves the customers all the effort and time of seeking for calibration services after the purchase.

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Who can calibrate ovens and instruments?

As part of the Brazilian Calibration Network, NOVUS Metrology Laboratory is qualified and has a high-level structure. In addition, it has years of experience in how to calibrate ovens and instruments for different applications.

It is a reference institution for accreditation organizations in the Americas, and it has mutual recognition agreements with equivalent international organizations.

Accredited by CGECRE, the Metrology Laboratory can calibrate instruments such as controllers, transmitters, and others. It is recognized by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

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