Data logging in sanitation: How to have greater control and avoid excessive losses

Considering the utilities sector, planning and predicting changes, impacts, and benefits are characteristics directly related to the financial health of the operations. Collecting data in an agile manner and knowing what to do when viewing information is extremely necessary to ensure a good management.

Water distribution, collection or treatment plants have equipment with demanding maintenance and that operate in adverse conditions with a very precious natural resource: water. The acquisition of real-time data increases the operation reliability, mainly because it ensures greater agility to solve problems.

The essential resource for a successful operation

The main advantages in efficient real-time data monitoring are the possibility to predict system operation and, in case of breakdowns and malfunctions, to be able to act immediately to avoid excess losses. These possibilities make it possible to reduce maintenance costs and avoid wasting resources.

To measure values and keep track of this history, it is necessary to use a data logger with features that meet the specific needs of utility operations. Here are some features that benefit these operations:

  • Bluetooth Communication Interface:

It makes it easy to collect information through the application, so there is no need to take a notebook into the field. If the device has been installed in a confined space, the Bluetooth interface is easy to use, which avoids the need to access the device location.

  • Analog Input Channels:

Allows you to read pressure and flow simultaneously in each remote measurement unit.

  • Digital Input:

Through pulses from the meter, it shows the total flow rate on a local data logger. This reduces the cost of acquiring more complete instrumentation and avoids having to integrate the signal with a PLC or SCADA software.

  • Small Size:

A compact device fits on existing macrometer panels and avoids the need to build new panels.

  • Easy to Configure:

Since the device has configurable (rather than programmable) hardware, it is simpler to learn how to use it. Configuration is also much faster. In addition, you do not need skilled labor, so you do not need to outsource the service.

  • Battery Power:

It facilitates installation and avoids the use of local power.

  • 3-year warranty:

Ensures product reliability and avoids maintenance costs and rework.

These features improve the data acquisition and monitoring process for sanitation, water treatment plants, and water distribution.

NOVUS LogBox BLE is the most complete data logger in all the aspects listed and performs exceptionally well in challenging environments such as sanitation and wastewater treatment operations.

Using LogBox BLE, you can configure and access parameters from your computer (using the USB connection and NXperience software) or through Bluetooth communication (using mobile devices and the NXperience Mobile application). Both allow you to configure the device, download data, and analyze the logs intuitively and efficiently.

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