Find out how NOVUS is helping with vaccination against COVID in Brazil

We have already said that one of the main challenges in the distribution of vaccines is the efficient maintenance of temperature during  transport and storage.

The arrival of several vaccine options to fight the COVID-19 in Brazil has brought many hopes to the many sectors seriously affected by the health crisis and, therefore, city halls and state governments are taking the greatest care to ensure that the medication can be used as soon as possible and then more and more people can be immunized.

In the state of São Paulo, NOVUS has a discreet but relevant role in transporting the vaccines that are being distributed to the population. The CEADIS – Center for the Storage and Distribution of Health Supplies – is a non-profit social health organization that, together with the State Government of São Paulo, aims to receive, store and distribute medical and hospital health supplies for health care units managed by the state Department of Health such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient clinics, etc. In January, CEADIS acquired more than a hundred TagTemp Sticks temperature recorders, which were installed in the thermal boxes that preserve vaccines on the transportation since distribution centers to application sites.

Although the TagTemp line is not a NOVUS launch it is widely used in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market, as they are versatile temperature recorders, with models that meet the most diverse application needs.

In the case of the TagTemp Stick adopted in the vaccination logistics in São Paulo, its great differential was the size of the thermometer: compact enough to guarantee the ideal installation into the vaccines boxes.

The TagTemp Stick also eliminates the need for cables for its configuration and data collection, which can be accessed through the LogChart II software or through the modern NXperience Trust software that meets the requirements of  FDA 21 CFR part 11 ensuring data reliability.

According to the CEADIS technical, the fact that NOVUS software is in Portuguese was a factor that weighed in the choice, as it improves the use of the program by technicians. She also highlighted the ease that NOVUS software offers to analyze the generated graphics, allowing the measurement of the time of dispatch until the product arrives at the vaccination stations.

The battery life of the TagTemp Stick was also listed as a strong point: while many competing products were fully disposable (and would probably have a higher final value for the customer), the NOVUS recorder battery lasts up to two years, allowing its use several times before disposal.

And it is so, with a small size product, but of great importance in the logistical process, that NOVUS participates in one of the most important moments of health in Brazil. Together, we will beat COVID-19!

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