Personalization and cost reduction: The advantages of DigiRail NXprog micro-PLC

An innovative and flexible solution such as DigiRail NXprog has demonstrated much greater potential than planned during the development of the device. The combination of automation strategy with technology and NOVUS more than 40 years of experience in the electronics market makes the device so versatile and reliable that it has exceeded expectations.

Multiloop Controller: An affordable possibility

Many industrial processes demand dedicated temperature control during each step. To solve this problem, we usually use one controller at each step, which works well. However, NXprog can perform more than one control, making it a dual or multiloop controller. It has two analog inputs, two analog outputs, plus digital or relay inputs and outputs (depending on the model). These I/O can be expanded through modules connected via Modbus RTU (RS485).

This feature adds value to the process and reduces operational costs. Control can be programmed either On/Off or PID. This flexibility is one of the key points of NXprog, allowing detailed process customization.

The multiloop controller solution is the duo of reliable and robust devices already well established in the market: DigiRail 2A + DigiRail NXprog. The multiloop processing skill is dynamic and customizable. Considering the versatility of the micro-PLC when compared to a simple controller, this solution is suitable for several demands and complex projects.

The local indication can be done through an HMI (see below) or remotely with easy-to-use software.

Also, if you access NXprog through a master on the Ethernet, a SCADA system, for example, you can read and write information to its registers. Or you can also configure the device as a Modbus TCP/Modbus RTU Gateway, which allows you to read from and write to slaves connected on the RS485 network.

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Controller for DIN rail

DigiRail NXprog fits perfectly as a DIN rail controller with PID and without display. It has two analog inputs and outputs and, optionally, relay and/or digital inputs and outputs (depending on the model). The RS485 and Ethernet interfaces allow remote supervision in case integration with a SCADA system or PLC is required.

With self-adaptive PID, which allows corrections to process parameters automatically, NXprog is ideal to be used with our range of indicators. The compilation of I/O modules enables multiloop control of a process, optimizing your application.

Programmable Micro-PLC

A micro-PLC like DigiRail NXprog is a powerful tool for experimentation and performs very well in tests to solve persistent or unusual problems. Not only is it applicable in these cases, but its ease and flexibility to program it makes the device a reference for experimentation.

Being suitable for experimental logic does not mean that this micro-PLC model is experimental. It is designed to be tested and applied in different industrial environments. This means that it has the robust structure expected for different manufacturing environments and can handle the different scenarios in a factory plant.

As a programmable micro-PLC, DigiRail NXprog is excellent for animal water systems, level control in reservoirs and wells, and more. It can also be used in process machines for plants of liquids or baths, next to a panel that has warning lights to indicate the process step. With programmable alarms, the communication is made by light signaling and does not require any type of more complex reading.

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