Do you know everything that happens on your factory floor? Check out some tips to not miss any detail

We know that a committed manager needs access to information to make more assertive decisions in less time. In times of high competitiveness among companies, every second can be an advantage over the competition.

There are many ways to keep a close eye on the details of your business, but some systems stand out because of their great usability and efficiency on the shop floor. This is the case with MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The main objective of MES is to generate real-time information about the productive systems, so that rules are followed, and all the stages are optimized, until the product reaches the final consumer.

A factory floor that has not been optimized can bring problems to the company. Here are some examples: decrease in productivity of operators and machines, impossibility to measure the cost and production time of each product, difficulty to locate production orders and, of course, the absence of daily production control.

However, those who make a good management of the factory floor have many benefits, such as the possibility to plan, to analyze the production in an intelligent way, to evaluate the most overloaded and idle resources in the factory and even to establish reward policies for employees.

As a manager, you must ask yourself important questions to find out how much you know about your factory floor and what measures to take to avoid problems:

– Do you know how many parts each machine produces per hour?

– Do you know about the machine available hours, how long it has been producing and how long it has been idle?

– Do you have control over every step of the production process, know when each operation is finished and its real production time?

It is very likely that there is room for improvement in your company if you don’t have these answers.

By controlling your factory floor in real time, your factory can answer the questions above and will be better prepared to grow or overcome times of crisis. Good factory floor management brings several benefits to your factory and can save your company from making bad investments.

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