Get to know the differences between N1050 and N480D controllers

Side by side in NOVUS Controller Selection Guide, the N1050 and N480D controller models provide the same benefits for most applications. However, the difference between them is not only in layout and depth. N1050 has a more modern design. It also offers more modern features for the equipment where it can be applied.

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Soft Start and quick switch

The N1050 controller has 2 functions that provide a more agile, uninterrupted routine. These features help to avoid situations that can interrupt the flow of automated processes.

Once it is set in automatic mode, the N480D controller needs to finish the process before it can switch to manual operation. N1050, however, allows you to change the function from manual to automatic (and vice versa), without creating interference peaks in the control and without losing the curve when making the switch.

Meanwhile, the Soft Start function avoids current spikes by starting the process slowly. For many equipment and machines, this function is indispensable, as it ensures the longevity of the equipment, prevents damage, and increases user reliability.

N1050 can detect open PID loops or lbdt (Loop Break Detection). This is another interesting feature of this controller. By setting a maximum time interval (in minutes), a command reaction from the control output is expected. If there is not a minimal and proper reaction throughout this interval, the controller will signal the occurrence of a LBD event on its display. This indicates problems in the control loop.

Controller with analog output and timer

The latest update in NOVUS line of non-modular controllers was the addition of analog output on the N1050 and N1040 models. Since it provides higher control accuracy, the analog output is indispensable for valve actuation operations and proportional control.

Due to its new technology, the N1050 controller has a native timer. All versions of this model already include a timer function in their features. It is not necessary to request it during specification (as happens with N1040T).

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