Level measurement in industrial processes: New solutions to complex challenges

The main and most complex challenge when measuring the level of industrial tanks and silos is related to accuracy. Inaccurate measurements significantly affect production and the safety of processes and people. No matter how accurate they are, level transmitters in contact with stored material will deteriorate over time. By using non-intrusive, cutting-edge level transmitters, it is getting simpler and cheaper to overcome these obstacles and guarantee planned deliveries.

The responsibility for good materials and process management lies with all the managers, engineers, and technicians who deal with the many different complexities of industrial processes on a daily basis. When dealing with intelligent management of inputs in industrial tanks and silos, whether liquid or solid, it is necessary to consider some technological advances that offer real advantages in industrial processes.

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Configuring a Wireless Level Transmitter: Is it possible?

A common challenge when measuring the level of industrial processes involves the configuration and real-time reading of parameters. Since the technicians must travel to areas where access is difficult to read the data, some applications require planning changes and adjustments.

The solution to these challenges is to opt for a level transmitter with wireless communication technology. The advantages of a Bluetooth level transmitter include the safety of technicians, the practicality of monitoring data on a daily basis and the non-interference of electromagnetic and electrical noise on the sensor.

Industrial processes with liquids that are difficult to handle

Not only difficult to handle, but corrosive and viscous materials also represent real damage to the level sensors and transmitters responsible for reporting the quantities inside the tanks. Damaged by constant contact with materials, these devices can either record incorrect data or stop working, requiring the equipment to be replaced.

Of course, some transmitters are already prepared to handle different types of materials. Unfortunately, they are not very versatile since are only compatible with one type of input. In other words, they are not applicable to tanks that can be used to store different materials depending on the process in progress.

In this case, the solution lies in devices that do not come in contact with the material to be measured. A cutting-edge, non-intrusive level transmitter is the right answer to the challenges related to the process of measuring the level of industrial processes. Intelligent management of materials in tanks and stocks depends on modern technology, versatility in application and accuracy in measurements.


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