New non-intrusive level sensor prevented factory from stopping production

The way companies operate today means that many people receive countless emails, messages, and notifications on a daily basis. Among the most feared warnings are those that report complex problems and directly affect product quality, brand integrity, and customer respect for the company.

With a batch of products with high production costs already sold, an agricultural equipment manufacturer was in danger of having its factory shut down indefinitely. One of the essential accessories for guaranteeing the quality and performance of their equipment was a level sensor, and the supplier was facing problems in the production chain.

In addition to the difficulty in receiving the units on time, the sensor model was already showing undesirable behavior. As the liquid in the tank moved, the sensor indicated an error when it became saturated. The level reading only came back on when the sensor was completely dry again.

NOVUS already had the ideal solution for this company: A new, non-intrusive laser level sensor capable of measuring moving liquids with high accuracy, unaffected by any contact with the material being measured. However, this new device was in the final stages of development and had not yet been tested in the field.

Field testing is essential to ensure that a device meets all the customer’s expectations. The NOVUS’ development team can test the products in many adverse situations, but there are operating exceptions that each machine or installation may present. These situations only occur in field applications, with daily use in the most diverse conditions.

The user testing step is essential and, fortunately, the agricultural equipment manufacturer agreed to be the first to test the new TL400 level sensor. To test the product in all possible scenarios, NOVUS’ experts were assigned to the customer’s company. As only fine adjustments were needed to consolidate the device, the manufacturer didn’t have to stop deliveries.

Since then, 3,300 pieces of agricultural equipment have been manufactured with the TL400 level sensor from NOVUS.


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