Retailers save up to 20 % energy with a system that uses DigiRail Connect

As a provider of energy solutions, one of Company L’s  services involves creating projects to increase energy efficiency in operations in the retail industry. During prototyping, the time to market for this solution was reduced from 18 months to just 1 month by finding the necessary hardware solution in DigiRail Connect. This meant that the company no longer needed to develop its own device.

A Quick Solution

Upon the acquisition of a startup, Company L. accelerated the development of an area focused on reducing expenses by using concepts of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and the Internet of Things in engineering projects. The challenge was to create a more robust and complete process to control energy consumption in equipment used by the retail industry, especially supermarkets.

According to M de Oliveira, Head of Innovation and Product Management & Intelligence, incorporating NOVUS’ DigiRail Connect into the projects was an assertive decision since it was quite easy to integrate them with the solution. “The device, an I/O module with Ethernet, meets several demands in a simple and functional way, such as counting time and number of pulses and switching equipment on and off.”

Since the company did not need to create its own hardware, the time to market was reduced. Compared to an initial estimate of a year and a half (when they were still considering developing their own hardware), the solution was launched to the market just 3 weeks after integration testing.

Up to 20 % savings after application

“We received a great support from NOVUS. The team has a lot of technical knowledge”, says de Oliveira. The logic of the device, the simplicity to perform the integration, and the user-friendly software are benefits that contributed to the decision to integrate DigiRail Connect to the solution of Company L. The product already has some logics that are useful for the project.

The devices were applied in several customers and control equipment that generate energy costs, such as refrigerators, air conditioning systems, and others. After implementing the solution with DigiRail Connect, the company’s customers saved an average of 11-20 % more energy than usual.

The experience with DigiRail Connect is not the company’s first contact with NOVUS devices. Some of the solutions offered include the N322, a temperature controller for heating and cooling, used in measurement and monitoring processes.

About the Company

The company operates in three business units (Efficient Lighting, Solar Energy, and Management & Intelligence) and serves 600 corporate clients. Founded in 2008, it has already installed more than 4 thousand projects that exceed R$ 700 million in cost reduction for its clients.

Among the services offered, are included a complete solution in photovoltaic solar energy so that customers can generate their own energy in a sustainable and economical way, and a proprietary system of energy management and monitoring in real time to track energy consumption and utilities.


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