How to adopt Industry 4.0 concepts and what the benefits are

The industrial transformation in progress is what is known as “Industry 4.0”. And how does this new concept impact the current scenario? How can you start to adapt and get the benefits of modernization? These questions will be answered below. The answers contain the expertise of NOVUS, a company that has been in the global market for more than 40 years and has already won awards for innovating in solutions for Industry 4.0.

Digital transformation has brought many advantages, such as an app for almost any demand, ease of making payments, and reduction of bureaucracy. At the industrial context, there are also numerous benefits. They apply to companies of all sizes, including small businesses.

Industry 4.0 concepts can bring a variety of benefits and facilities to any company, raising its efficiency and effectiveness and improving cost management.

The positive effects of implementing Industry 4.0 concepts

The efficiency of an industrial environment is boosted by enabling real-time quality control systems, process automation, and the use of artificial intelligence to optimize routines. The sum of small investments in the operation reduces costs, improves product quality, and increases productivity.

Integrated intelligent systems improve process and inventory management, save resources, and reduce waste. The integration of flows also allows for a clearer identification of bottlenecks. This makes it easier to implement improvements.

At NOVUS, the award-winning DigiRail OEE device was implemented to monitor production lines and brought savings of 10 % after the testing phase. This was the first equipment of the company to be internally tested. It paved the way for a new product testing protocol, which now includes testing on some customers’ applications before the products are launched.

Data analysis and real-time monitoring

A connected industry wastes no time. Or it wastes less time than traditional industrial environments. The sooner a problem or a difference between the data obtained is identified, the sooner it is possible to act on the unforeseen event. More than that, by analyzing the data on these errors, they become predictable – and avoidable!

The gain is not only in the internal flows. With more fluid and more easily manageable processes, the customer experience becomes more pleasant. The end user of the products or machines benefits from the transparency of the data, which is accessible to those responsible for service.

When it comes to Industry 4.0, efficiency and productivity are key terms. Not coincidentally, these are the purposes that drive the most different industry sectors and keep the market competitive. NOVUS has been observing for years the opportunities for innovation, both internally and in the automation, control, and data recording market, seeking to boost industrial development.

Joining expertise in control and IoT, NOVUS’ next release will open doors for Industry 4.0 concepts to become increasingly accessible.


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