Customized controller: A possibility provided by NOVUS

Seeking to solve several market demands with a single product, NOVUS pioneered the world electronics market by launching the first modular process controller in 2022. Discover how this disruptive concept can improve performance and bring savings to all supported applications.

Modularity is the future

The idea of modular devices is interesting, considering the time-saving perspective and the prospect of decreasing the effort required during the decision-making process. Using a base, interchangeable modules add functions to a product to meet the demand of the application. Thus, a modular electronic device still allows you to change the configuration of the device, include new connections, and adapt the number of functionalities as needed at the time.

Launched more than a year ago and already implemented in different applications in industry worldwide, the N20K48 modular controller is the first and only device for process control and temperature control that can be customized by the user. Additionally, NOVUS adopted the concept of modularity in this product, aiming to expand the possibilities by launching new modules periodically.


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Since the modular PID controller was launched, more modules have been created. One new feature of the device is a 16-ampere module that makes the controller suitable for handling motor drives, especially in refrigeration systems.

The advantages of customizing a controller

Present in the market of electronic devices for over 40 years, NOVUS has a wide range of devices. While longer-established models are up to date according to market demands, the variety of options does not always clarify the benefits of a model in a certain application.

In this case, a modular controller allows you to obtain the required process functionality and makes it easier to choose a solution. Furthermore, this device becomes very versatile and applicable in several industrial processes and machines within the same company. Standardization also means saving setup time.

By focusing on the items needed to meet the demands of your operation, you can save time by comparing the features of a robust product portfolio. Since the same basic controller can have its features extended or reduced by attaching or removing modules, the time savings spent on processes are also remarkable.

Configuring this controller is quick and easy

Besides being a device with self-adaptive PID control, N20K48 is a Bluetooth controller that can be configured without a cable connection. QuickTune, the software for configuring the controllers, has a mobile version and is compatible with computers, allowing smartphone adjustments on-site.

In any of its versions, QuickTune is an up-to-date and modern software that makes it easy to navigate and parameterize control variables. Finally, the function to configure controllers in batch is also a benefit for manufacturers who use control accessories in several units of their machines.

The family of modules for N20K48 is about to increase. This time, get ready for an Industry 4.0 controller.


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