Innovative and customizable device provides compressed air efficiency check

Have you ever wondered why are air compressors so inefficient and what can be done to make compressor systems more affordable and reliable in the long term? Typical efficiency of a compressor may vary but predictive maintenance can bring the benefit of compressed air systems that save energy.

NVS Technologgy, a company based in India, has developed a device that provides companies and auditors with a solution to monitor and improve compressed air efficiency. Specifically, the inventive approach was aimed at an auditor’s class of customers in the field of Compressed Air efficiency. Service providers in this field usually conduct audits at different customers manufacturing facilities for Compressor Systems to check Air Quality, Leakages and power consumption of compressed air generated by compressors.


The compressed air efficiency monitoring device

Designed specifically for the targeted audience of auditors in this field, the main goal is to provide a complete solution that is both cost effective and consistently accurate.

The company’s representative emphasizes that most of the industries have high regards for the reports and feedbacks provided by auditors. Therefore, the development of the device benefits both auditors and end users that can have their own unit for internal audits and maintenance purposes.

A recurring issue that impacts negatively on the efficiency of compressed air systems is the lack of continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance to avoid fines and non-compliance with regulation norms.


Compressed air monitoring device

With an idea to help any company to avoid setbacks with the compressed air system, the company has developed a device that holds different sensors for pressure, temperature and dew point inside the sampling system.

“For the front panel, we had to also think of compact, lightweight and aesthetic pleasing displays, so we used NOVUS N1030 for temperature input for Pt100 sensor, N1040i for Pressure and Dew Point sensors as this model accepts 4-20mA input. For sure in standard process, where temperature is a commonly measured parameter, N1030 is quite useful ” explained the company’s spokesperson.

Since the application sites demand to have a mobile and handy device, it was conceived as a carry on station that can travel to different geographical locations and that can also measure minimum required parameters such as compressed air pressure, temperature and dew point. It was a decision to design a device which has all these sensors built-in with sampling system inside the enclosure (case) and only parameters are displayed on front face of the enclosure.

How to increase efficiency in compressed air systems

The device created by NVS Technologgy is not commonly available in the global market and has demonstrated great potential to provide a serious and reliable solution that can be customized to the customer or auditor’s needs.

Based on the application the customer demands, NVS Technologgy can provide a complete set of device that include indicators, transmitter and data loggers to integrate and monitor different parameters of na operation to

For sure in standard process where temperature is commonly measured parameter, our N1030 is a great option. In addition, our transmitters and data loggers can complement your project.


Learn more about the N1030 controller

Compact and high precision, N1030 is a high performance PID controller, ideal for machines and equipment.

Check out all the technical specifications of this PID controller here: N1030


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